Why you don’t always want to use “Save to Web” in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

I’m in the midst of a rebranding effort at my company. For each of our nine product lines, I’ve created a very simple logo: A single blue line with customized font type.

There’s not much information in a file like this, so I wasn’t worried about file size. Yet, because I usually work with web graphics, I’m constantly “Save(ing) to Web and Devices” as my default .jpg move in Adobe Illustrator CS3. I did this like I normally do, and sent the logos off to my boss who was presenting them in a PowerPoint presentation.

I get a call soon after. “Why are these so fuzzy?” she asks with a tinge of disdain.

I dash into her office. Sure enough, saving to the web made the file TOO small.

I came back to my desk  and instead used the “Export” function. This gives you more flexibility over the quality of the file. I bumped it all the way up to “10” and sent them back. The files weren’t too big (80kb – 90kb) and the resolution was great for PPT.

You learn something new every day.


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