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Why you should tell a story.

Martin Conroy’s Billion Dollar Story | Growthink.

What’s your story?

Everyone has a story. A few years after I started working as a TV news producer, a CBS reporter struck gold with a series that I still think is one of the best storytelling ideas around.

It’s pretty easy. It makes sense. It points out something that we all know to be true.

It was called, “Everybody has a story.”

The reporter, Steve Hartman, threw a dart at a map of America. He and a photographer would travel to that town, grab a phone book, and randomly pick names until someone agreed to tell him their story.

It was, as we used to say in television parlance, GREAT TV.

Everybody DOES have a story. You have a story. You might not think you do because you’ve lived the story. You know it inside and out.

But for the world, it’s new. There’s something unique about it.

The same goes for marketing products. Find out the product’s story. Market the story.

When I moved from marketing a non-profit mentoring program to marketing b2b oil and gas software, I realized it’s tough to find the story behind utilitarian software that makes a complex job simple.

We’re still working on the messaging, but it will focus on the idea that everything – products included – has a story.

And everybody loves a story.